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The collected works of John C. Velon include more than 10,000 individual hymns in collections of hymns for essentially all liturgical services for the entire ecclesiastical year that a chanter of the Greek Orthodox Church would require. Many chanters throughout the world have made use of Mr. Velon's hand-written manuscripts in the Greek language. A much smaller number of hymns have also been adapted to the English language.

Copies of the Velon manuscripts are no longer available in printed form, but are now available in two different electronic formats for general distribution: either as PDF files or as a programmed interface called VIVECOL, both give the user access to all individual hymns as well as to all collections of hymns. All the collections outlined below are available through Saint George Publishing at prices shown below.  Any items you  Add to Cart will be confirmed by E-mail and shipped to you upon payment. A list of the available collections is shown on the left side of this page Click on any item to see a description of what is included in the collection.
Individual Collection Descriptions and Order Form

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Anastasimatarion go to top
  • PDF Version on CD - 750 hand-written pages - $25.00 (U.S.), free shipping
  • Orthros and Esperinos in all eight modes for ordinary Sundays
  • The eleven eothina, exapostilaria and doxastica
  • Katavasias for the entire year
Triodion go to top
  • PDF Version on CD - 325 hand-written pages - $25.00 (U.S.), free shipping
  • in the Greek language
  • Orthros and Esperinos for all Sundays of the Triodion period
  • Starts with the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee through Palm Sunday morning Orthros (Matins)
Holy Week go to top
  • PDF Version on CD - 580 hand-written pages - $25.00 (U.S.), free shipping
  • Hymns for all Services of Holy Week
  • Includes midweek morning and afternoon services
  • Starts with Palm Sunday evening through Sunday Agape service
Pentecostarion go to top
  • PDF Version on CD - 920 hand-written pages - $25.00 (U.S.), free shipping
  • Hymns for all Services of the Pentecostarion Period
  • Includes Vespers and Matins services
  • Starts with Sunday of Thomas through All Saints Sunday including Ascension Thursday
Fixed Feast days of the Greek Orthodox Church go to top
  • PDF Version on CD - 142 fixed feast day services - $25.00 (U.S.), free shipping
  • Includes all feast days of the Lord and of the Theotokos and the feast days of medium to high ranking Saints
  • The CD is a searchable portfolio of feasts sorted by feast name or feast date - instructions included
Individual Hymns of the Velon Collection go to top
  • PDF Version on CD - searchable Index of Individual hymns - $25.00 (U.S.), free shipping
  • Over 10,000 hymns included indexed by Greek name
  • Instructions included for setting up Greek language keyboard - required for the search function
Special Hymns and Services go to top
  • PDF Version on CD - 1260 Pages - $25.00 (U.S.), free shipping
  • Over 35 special hymns and services included indexed by name
  • Searcheable portfolio of PDF files containing hymns for special occasions and services of the Greek Orthodox Church
  • Services and hymns include wedding, paraclesis, Akathist hymn, The Polyeleoi etc.
The Entire Velon Collection go to top
  • PDF Portfolio on a single CD - 455 MB - $100.00 (U.S.), free shipping
  • Includes all collections shown above on a single CD
  • Instructions included for locating hymns and services
  • This CD recommended only for newer computers, 3Mz or higher speeds
The VIVECOL Interface Program go to top
  • A programmed Interface to the entire Velon collection - $50.00 (U.S.), Free shipping
  • VIVECOL is an interface program to the entire Collected Works of John C. Velon.  Individual hymns as well as all the collections mentioned above are made available in a user friendly program. The program maintains all the content available in the PDF version(s) shown above but also provides advanced search capabilities for which you must add a Greek language keyboard - Instructions provided.
  • Includes a comprehensive context sensitive help system
  • Automated setup and installation

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