The Collections - Current Offering
As Mr. Velon transcribed hymns he assembled them into collections.  These may have been for various services of the Greek Orthodox Church such as Vespers and Matins for ordinary Sundays as in the collection called the Anastasimatarion.  The source of the Byzantine music in this case was largely the ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΜΑΤΑΡΙΟΝ ΥΠΟ ΙΩΑΝΝΟΥ ΠΡΟΤΟΨΑΛΤΟΥ published by the theological brotherhood «ΖΩΗ» of Athens, Greece.  This is only one of the many sources of hymns in Byzantine notation that Mr. Velon used for his transcriptions.

Other collections were hymns assembled for important feast days of the church such as those for the Lord and those for the mother of God, the Theotokos or for services dedicated to Saints of the church.  There are other collections of hymns for the various periods in the calendar of the Greek Orthodox Church such as the periods of the Triodion, Holy Week and the Pentecostarion.

From time to time, Saint George Publishing will present examples of the collections assembled by Mr. Velon on this page.  These will be offered as PDF files which you can view, print or save to your computer.

Model Melodies - Prosomia

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